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Mega Resveratrol 60 Caps

Mega Resveratrol 60 Caps
Mega Resveratrol 60 Caps
Brand: Productos la Rosa
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Resveratrol is a type of polyphenol that can be found naturally in a variety of sources including grapes, Japanese knotweed (giant knotweed), berries, peanuts, dark chocolate and tea.


The French Paradox: Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, first gained publicity in the early nineties when the CBS television show, 60-Minutes, investigated why people living in France, despite eating diets high in saturated fats, had lower rates of coronary heart disease than people living in the United States. The report concluded that a higher consumption of red wine may play a role in lowering coronary heart disease. Since then, research has pointed to resveratrol, a substance contained in grape skins and many other plants, as the compound with the possibility of preventing or delaying coronary heart disease, in addition to various other health benefits.
What are the Health Benefits of Resveratrol?

What are the health benefits of Resveratrol?

resveratrolBoost Energy Levels
resveratrolWeight Management
resveratrolIncrease Metabolism
resveratrolImproves Overall Health & Mind
resveratrolSlow down the aging process

Take 2 Capsules daily

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