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Mango Africano 60 Caps


The African mango, whose scientific name is "Irvingia gabonensis", comes from the rainforest of Cameroon in Africa; Is similar to a mango and has benefits:

mangoafricanoWeight loss as it speeds up metabolism and burns fat: It is rich in leptin, ideal for weight loss since this hormone intervenes in the desire to eat. According to some studies, it diminishes the appetite considerably, generating satiety in the diner.

mangoafricanoReduces cholesterol and blood pressure: Decreases bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol. Apparently, this is due to the high concentration of fiber in its composition. By providing satiety, African mango consumption encourages the burning of fat reserves for energy.

mangoafricanoControls Diabetes: African mango helps reduce the risk of diabetes by controlling insulin levels, and keeping blood sugar within a healthy range. In addition, it can also help lower blood sugar in people who already have diabetes.

mangoafricanoTake 2 capsules daily


What contraindications and side effects does it present?

As with most products considered "natural", you must take the African mango carefully, control the doses under the supervision of a medical specialist. Avoid side effects at all costs and take contraindications into account.

Among the adverse effects it can cause:

mangoafricanoFlatulencias and gases.
mangoafricanoDry mouth.
mangoafricanoMigraines or headache.
mangoafricanoFever and general malaise.
mangoafricanoAllergic reactions. Especially if you have hypersensitivity to certain compounds of the fruit.

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