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Nettle shampoo

Nettle shampoo
Nettle shampoo
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Nettle is a plant that has many benefits on human hair. The nettle is a tributary of vitamins and minerals, applied on the hair will give it more strength.

Benefits in the hair by nettle shampoo

We have the following benefits thanks to nettle shampoo:

1.- Anticaida of the hair: For the nettle shampoo to work in the anticaida of the hair, since it facilitates an increase in blood circulation thanks to the fact that it has stimulating and regenerating properties. This way, it tones and strengthens the hair fiber, achieving a deep cleansing that oxygenates the hair bulb. This product usually appears as ampoules, hair lotions or in shampoo.

2.- Weak hair: As for the anticaida, the nettle offers a solution for weak hair. Its properties penetrate the hair cuticle, also hydrate it in depth, forming a protective film that strengthens, gives shine and body. It stimulates the capillary growth activating the circulation, and thus combats the lack of volume. We can find them in rinses or shampoo.

3.- Fatty hair: Regulates and balances the sebum so that we do not have it in excess, and it helps to fight the dandruff with its antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Improving the appearance with it, also tones the hair structure. We can find it in nettle shampoo for the treatment of oily hair.

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