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Bon Balm 60 ml

Bon Balm 60 ml
Bon Balm 60 ml
Brand: Several
Product Code: 25-03
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Bon -Balm Eliminates muscle pain, rheumatic BON BALM helps, Bonbalm against joint pains, bon balm eliminates the pain of sprains, bumps and swelling 

Balm Bon Bon Balm ™ , the solution for muscle aches, arthritic and rheumatic .
Its benefits are many, BON BALM ® can be used in case of:
• Muscle and joint pain
• Pain caused by poor circulation
• Discomfort arising from the tension and stress
• Dolores caused by blows
• Arthritic and rheumatic pains
• Sprains
• cramps
• Tired and swollen feet
• inflammation
• On bumps
• Headache
• Scrapes and cuts as it helps healing and prevents infection. • Knee pain during cold weather or rain
• Relieves pain for its analgesic
• Stimulates circulation and reduce stiffness
• Anti-inflammatory Action
• Fight infection and stop bleeding.
• It has calming and analgesic
• Improve circulation
• Help against headaches.
• Countering minor insect venom .

Can be applied to : Back, Hands , Neck , Legs , Shoulders, Knees , hips, legs and lower back.

bon balm

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