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Tempra Infants Grape Flavor 1 Oz.

Tempra Infants Grape Flavor 1 Oz.
Brand: Several
Product Code: 19-10
Availability: 24
Price: 24 $9.00
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Tempra Infants Grape Flavor is the perfect remedy for helping to reduce an infant or childs fever.

Children are active. Its in their nature. Unfortunately, the world is filled with germs that we try to protect our children from. As a result, theyre going to get sick and have runny noses, coughs and fevers on occasion. Tempra Infants Grape Flavor comes with easy to follow dosage instructions. Product ingredients include acetaminophen, which helps reduce pain and fever. For infants, its recommended to use the enclosed dropper and a dose is to be repeated every four hours, but not to be given more than five times during any 24-hour period. Your doctor can also assist in explaining the proper dosages with respect to the childs weight and age. When your infant is ill with a slight fever, youll have the remedy at hand to help reduce your childs discomfort. Then, its back to a pleasant world of discovery and activity for your child.

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