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Virtuoso Beard Balm, 3oz/100g - Sandalwood Scent - Care of the beard

Virtuoso Beard Balm, 3oz/100g - Sandalwood Scent - Care of the beard
Virtuoso Beard Balm, 3oz/100g - Sandalwood Scent - Care of the beard
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About the product

VIRTUOSO BEARD BALM is the best choice for your healthy and full beard, here is why. All the ingredients used for manufacturing VIRTUOSO BEARD BALM, are natural and extracted from plants and other natural elements. One of the key components is Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, obtained from the ripe fruit of Olea Europaea, and is equally beneficial for skin and hair. It contains Omega3 Fatty Acids, Monounsaturated fats, Vitamins A & E and other antioxidants (Flavanoids and Hydroxytyrosol), this combination stops the degeneration of skin, cures the damage and help grow hair. Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil is a plant wax, has tissue make up almost same as our skin. It contains vitamin E and B complex, moisturizes, promotes healthy skin and hair, and helps prevent breakage of hair by fighting fungi and infections. Macadamia Oil, this oil is extracted from macadamia nuts; almost 80% of it consists of mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Macadamia oil nourishes the skin and hair and prevents skin damage. Tocopherol Acetate or vitamin E is extracted from vegetable oils and plays an important role for healthy skin and hair by nourishment. Candelilla Wax a astringent, emulsifier, stabilizer & skin conditioning, which nourishes the skin. It also adds lubrication and is easily absorbable. Lanolin Alcohol is also a lubricant, rich with nutrients, helps to keep skin hydrated for long. But when you purchase VIRTUOSO BEARD BALM, you are purchasing more than just a great product; you are helping someone achieve his or her dreams of attending college. With the purchase of every VIRTUOSO BEARD BALM, we will contribute a portion of our proceeds to a student who is financially in need to get through college. It is our company's goal to put as many students through college as we can. This is something that we stand true to, and something that we hold close to our heart. We want to provide you with the best beard balm, so we can create a better future for students around the world.   

All Natural Oils and Seeds For The BEST Looking Beard
With The Rich Coconut Oil and Beeswax
A Great Sandalwood Scent


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