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Collagen with vitamin C
Bio Shaper
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Bio Shaper

Bio Shaper
Brand: Several
Product Code: 11-20
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bio shaperMade of lycra girdle bio impregnated with an imperceptible crystals and color. The bio crystals manage to keep the infrared heat in the body. Its intelligent fabric allows different pressures in different parts of the body. So it does reduce waist measures placed upon the belt in the area of ​​the legs has a rough tissue that produces friction with the objective of achieving a massaging effect on cellulite. In the area of ​​his buttocks tissue copy the shape of the buttocks and allow different pressures intense linear lift tissue on the front aims to flatten the belly back it has a fabric with less expansion allowing better support the spine .

Light purple color associated with optical white bath allowed to be imperceptible to the human eye under different color clothing. Is made in one piece with the tubular tissue system it allows for a seamless garment and finished seamless system. Avoid unnecessary friction with the skin.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: BIOShaper Bodysuit, Bra and Panty Lift buttocks BIOShaper

MATERIAL: Polyamide - Spandex

SIZES: S / M and L / XL

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