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Jaloma - Olive Oil 4 oz
JALOMA ACEITE DE OLIVO / OLIVE OIL Oil attracts oil. If you have oily skin to lower it, use Olive..
Jaloma Castor Oil Emollient
Jaloma Castor Oil is an essential oil used to make your skin feel nice and smooth. Buying this produ..
Jaloma Glicerina Skin Lubricant
About the product ▄ Works well as a topical skin emollient by cooling and soothing the skin ▄ E..
Jaloma Glycerin Oil 4 Oz
Jaloma Glycerin Oil Natural oil that serves to give shine, is an emollient and softener for the skin..
Jaloma oil 3 Olive-Almond Sweet-Castor 4 Oz
Oil 3. Discover the combination of the 3 powerful almond, castor and olive oils. Benefits. Lubricate..
Jaloma Sweet Oil With Almond Emollient 4 FL Oz (120ml)
Jaloma Sweet Oil With Almond Emollient The perfect balance of moisture for your skin. Benefits. T..